Entrepreneurship without borders: insights from Chitral, Pakistan

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Entrepreneurship without borders: insights from Chitral, Pakistan

Entrepreneurship without borders: insights from Chitral, Pakistan
Entrepreneurship without borders: insights from Chitral, Pakistan

When Tahir Ud Din, an entrepreneur from the Chitral region in the mountainous reaches of northern Pakistan, embarked on his Digital Internship Program (DIP) journey with the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE), he hoped to gain some practical insight into the entrepreneurship experience, and to "broaden [his] network by connecting with like-minded individuals and mentors." 

In practice, he said, he was met with a wealth of knowledge and connections that have empowered him with new, innovative problem-solving techniques and effective communication strategies, both of which he’s looking forward to integrating into his work as both a local business founder and as a consultant for an international NGO.

Purpose-driven self-empowerment

But it’s clear that Tahir's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to impact was ingrained, long before he enrolled in our digital internship. 

As the founder of the popular Nan Café, his commitment to women's social and economic empowerment has created "opportunities for women in [his] community, fostering economic independence and social inclusion".

Similarly, his role as an Economic Development Consultant enables him to leverage his expertise and networks to implement strategies that "empower individuals and communities to thrive economically."

We asked Tahir about his own personal influences. Quick to shine the spotlight on Swiss-born British-Portuguese philanthropist and business magnate, His Highness the Aga Khan IV, he said Khan’s efforts to promote pluralism, education, and economic development serve as a "guiding light" for Tahir’s own attempts to achieve a meaningful impact in Chitral.

Photograph of Chitral, Pakistan

What’s the difference between innovation and entrepreneurship?

For Tahir, innovation means "exploring creative solutions to social and economic challenges," whether through new products, services, or business models. This ethos of continuous evolution is mirrored in his view of entrepreneurship, which is to "build a sustainable business, preferably one that also makes a positive impact in your community.”

He’s also excited to integrate digital tools for market research and customer feedback, to enable his teams to tailor their offerings more effectively to the needs of their communities. “I plan to integrate digital solutions into our operations, to streamline processes and improve efficiency,” he said.

Fortunately, Tahir has been able to do just that since completing his course, "leveraging the knowledge gained from SSE to further innovate and refine the business models" of both Nan Café and his consultancy work to amplify impact, foster a culture of resilience and innovation, and drive sustainable change in his hometown, and beyond!

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