Why education remains an essential area for LGBTQIA+ inclusion

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Why education remains an essential area for LGBTQIA+ inclusion

Why education remains an essential area for LGBTQIA+ inclusion

Ahead of World Pride 2023, it's important to remember the history and significance Mardi Gras’s origins in Australia. On 24 June 1978, The Gay Solidarity Group staged a day of events in Sydney to protest, march, and commemorate the Stonewall riots in New York City. Since then, the Sydney event has continued to grow, and take on a modern identity as a dazzling night of pride, celebration and self-expression.

Mardi Gras is a microcosm of society, making visible the diverse richness and reality of our society, and this year Sydney welcomes the global community to GATHER, DREAM, AMPLIFY. This year’s theme was developed in partnership with First Nations and LGBTQIA+ communities to acknowledge the traditional custodians of Australia and represent a commitment to equality and inclusion.

An imperative for visibility continues to be spotlighted in education, with Australia’s first LGBTQIA+ history museum opening in February in an old Darlinghurst cop shop, queer history being spotlighted across the internet by Rainbow History Class, and LGBTQIA+ issues being prioritised by members on the 2023 NSW Regional Youth Taskforce. There are so many important initiatives across the country, and SSE invites your stories on LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs,  innovation, and education opportunities. At SSE, we strive to lift capability and help more individuals reach their full potential as human beings.

At SSE, we know that diverse teams, mindsets, and partnerships create better performance, collegiality, economic advancement, and practical outcomes, which is why we’ve embedded these values in our organisational values, systems, and programs. Our programs focus on the needs of learners to create a safe learning environment where participants can bring their whole selves and know that their diverse views, initiatives, and ideas are championed. Bringing diversity into the classroom helps build positive communities of global citizens that prioritise respect as a core value and advance economic, social, and cultural betterment for all.

At SSE, we are proud and excited to celebrate World Pride, and we look forward to sharing amazing stories of LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs, collaborators, learners, and innovators as the new year unfolds. Happy Mardi Gras everyone!