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Cyber Security for Startups


Are you protected?
Is your business protected?

According to a 2022 report, a cyber-attack occurs somewhere in the world every 39 seconds!

Imagine you just completed your innovative design for a new, exciting product … you’re so close to your idea becoming a reality and suddenly a pop-up appears on your computer notifying you that someone has locked your computer and they are asking for $20,000 to unlock it. This is the type of cyber-attack people are exposed to every day simply by having sensitive work stored on their computers or in the cloud.

Such attacks can be damaging on you as an individual, but what’s even more concerning is the impact this can have on your business. All too often we see promising young entrepreneurs and startups lose significant contracts with large enterprises after being considered a potential risk following cyber-security issues.

With the world turning to digital solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cybercrime is up 300%!

Protecting yourself from cyber-attacks is critical to both you and your clients. SSE and CyberCX have provided you with a free to download list of four points about cybersecurity for startups – these should help with initial thinking around cyber-security. We are also taking expressions of interest for an upcoming short-course for those who want to learn more about Cyber Security.

Don’t leave yourself exposed! Equip yourself, and your business now by downloading our free guide and learning the Four Key Things to know about cyber-security for startups.


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Guide to Cyber Security.

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