Empowering Penrith startups and small business for growth and innovation

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Empowering Penrith startups and small business for growth and innovation

Empowering Penrith startups and small business for growth and innovation


Startup Success Program Empowers Penrith Startups and Small Business for Growth and Innovation

Penrith, 20 November, 2023  Startup Success, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at powering up local startups in the Penrith region, celebrated its successful completion on 8 November, 2023. The program, delivered by the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE) in partnership with Penrith City Council and industry experts, provided participants with the essential skills and mindset needed to overcome common barriers to business growth and success.

Empowering Penrith startups

Startup Success was designed to build the capacity of Penrith startups, particularly those in the early stages, by addressing crucial skill gaps. Over a 6-week period, participants engaged in a series of six workshops covering topics Including:

  • Small Business Startup
  • Test Your Business Idea
  • Structuring Your Small Business Startup
  • Building a Customer Base
  • Finance and Funding, and
  • Present Your Small Business Startup

Penrith City Council’s James Marshall highlighted the significance of the program. "We're currently developing an economic development strategy that provides a framework for attracting investment to and supporting businesses and creating more local jobs in the area,” he said.

"Startup Success has given participants the skills and knowledge they need to run their own businesses and get their first customers. We hope that by doing that, they can take control of their careers and live closer to home, enjoying everything that our city has to offer."

Mentoring, networking, and microcredentials

The program featured two live 3-hour workshops with industry mentors, providing individualised mentoring, consultation, and feedback. Participants also had the opportunity to attend SSE’s Small Business Month panel discussion on 25 October. And in recognition of their achievements, participants earned digital microcredentials for each completed workshop, with a Startup Success Master badge awarded to those who completed all six.

Program participant Soo Lee: "Startup Success has exceeded my expectations. It's realistic and down-to-earth, providing industry-level learning. I’d recommend it to anyone thinking about running a business."

Program participant Kevin Zhang: “As a data analyst with a business idea, I was unsure of how to get started. This program provided practical guidance on launching a business but also shaped my mindset. Now I am thinking more like an entrepreneur!”

Dr. Sarah Jones, SSE CEO: "The Startup Success program aligns perfectly with SSE's commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. We are proud to support the growth of startups and small business, and to play a valuable role in contributing to the economic prosperity of the Penrith region."

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Nicole Swanson
Director, Brand, Marketing & Communications
Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE)
M: +61 437 214 633


About SSE:
Established in 2016, SSE is a national, independent social enterprise providing innovative work-relevant skills training and learning pathways to diverse communities across NSW and beyond. We believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful catalyst for change, and our programs empower individuals with the skills needed to overcome barriers to employment and education, and in doing so create better futures for themselves and their communities.

About Penrith City Council:
Penrith City Council is a positive regional leader within the Western Parkland City. As the closest city to the Western Sydney International Airport, and with an abundance of available employment lands in the City, Penrith is becoming a vibrant, world-class city connected to a diverse range of opportunities for employment, leisure, and lifestyle. Council is ready to support and guide investment to provide opportunities for its people and businesses to create a better tomorrow.

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