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Adityapreet Bains

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Occupation: Alumni

Co-founder and COO of Never Farm

IB Adi Bains
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Meet Adityapreet Bains, founder of Never Farm

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Adityapreet Bains is a final year student of electrical engineering at UTS. His previous work experience includes working on a production line focused on building industrial lasers and optical instruments in Thailand and assisting in the running of a substation in India.

Never Farm aims to reduce food insecurity using by building hyper-local fully automated vertical farms. Using this method will provide cheap and nutritious food to feed the growing population. The aim is to build self-sustaining units to provide to businesses as well communities to grow and consume the produce.

Currently the development is focused around mushrooms and eventually will be aimed towards vegetables and other crops. Never Farm aims to be a zero-waste company by using clean energy and reducing the water consumption that occurs due to regular farming practices.