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Renae Lamb

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Founder, Midnight Dreaming

Renae Lamb is a proud descendant of the Wiradjuri/Wongaibon people of Central West NSW, though her ancestral community ties are vast and wide within the region.

She is also founder and owner of Midnight Dreaming, a fully Aboriginal-owned business showcasing Renae’s art in multiple different formats from prints and larger commissions, through to swimwear, beach attire, and accessories.

Midnight Dreaming also provides culturally safe dance lessons that encourage children to embrace and learn their spiritual connection to Country and express their cultural identity through movement and storytelling.

“Country gives me a deep sense of pride and belonging,” she says. “When I feel my ancestors guiding me through my creations, and the connections from loved ones up above, I feel strong. I feel honoured. And I feel a sense of belonging and acceptance of the authentic and unique ‘me’, someone who loves to create and share my purpose and my dreaming.”

Renae holds a Bachelor of Arts (Global Indigenous Studies) from the University of Newcastle and is a proud mum of three.

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