Discovery Program

Discovery explores how innovation and entrepreneurship can solve everyday problems and uncover a world of opportunities. Participants will learn how to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to identify a real-world problem, develop an innovative solution to that problem, then push the boundaries to create a business model to support their solution.

Participants will exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills to develop their ideas and solutions. Also working in teams requires flexibility and agility, and helps develop participants' communication and collaboration skills, all valuable skills and capabilities that can be employed both professionally and personally throughout life.

Discovery encourages participants to reflect on their learnings and embrace new discoveries, and culminates in their pitching their innovations to an expert panel. It's fun, it's ambitious, and opens participants up to a world of possibility and a future filled with opportunity.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of Discovery, participants will be able to:

  • Apply an entrepreneurial mindset to ideate and solve a real-world problem
  • Practice communication and collaboration skills through team-based project work​
  • Model an innovation and entrepreneurship process​ in project teams
  • Compose and pitch a compelling entrepreneurial solution using storytelling techniques
Program Details 

Discovery is a project-based innovation and entrepreneurship program guided by the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE). It can be either a blended or fully online learning experience and is customisable to delivery partners’ delivery timeframes. The Discovery experience is supported by industry-leading online learning platform, SSEQuad, and our facilitators provide expert feedback and mentorship throughout the learning journey.

Discovery as a Blended Learning Experience

Participants will be organised into teams as Discovery is designed to be a team-based learning experience. To begin, participants will complete an online welcome module that will define innovation and entrepreneurship, attend a full-day workshop to dive into identifying a problem and Ideation (Modules 1 and 2) with their team. They will then complete the next four modules online through SSE’s online learning platform. Each team will meet with their mentor online after Modules 3 (Prototype) and 5 (Business Development). Participants will present their pitch as a team to an expert panel as their final task.

Our school partners
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Modules at a Glance

Welcome Module

A brief introduction to the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. Teams form to begin the next exciting stage of Discovery.


Apply an entrepreneurial mindset to identify a real-world problem.



Create a solution to this real-world problem through the process of ideation.


Develop an idea into a prototype. This is where ideas become real.



Conduct research to test the idea and how it could be received in a real-world context.

Business Development
Build a business model to support the idea coming to life.


Compose a compelling entrepreneurial story. 

Pitch Day
A fun, in-person day of pitching ideas to an expert panel.


Facilitators and Mentors

Discovery is taught by a diverse range of expert practitioners. Our team employs the latest in entrepreneurial learning techniques to deliver impactful outcomes and support participant success.


Frank Newman
Training Facilitator

As Training Facilitator, Frank works to design and deliver SSE’s signature programs. He facilitates online and in-person workshops that demystify and develop the traits and capabilities required to be a successful entrepreneur and change maker.   

Program Completion

Throughout the program, team-based learning tasks including short quizzes and reflections, are designed to complement and reinforce learning. Once finished, participants will receive a certificate of completion and a verified digital credential which they can use on their resume, e-portfolio, and LinkedIn profile.

Program Completion
Are you interested in a partnership or collaboration with SSE to deliver this program?
Wendy Huynh
This program is a great opportunity for students. The skills they learn is highly valuable as it is required when they leave school to become independent adults.
Wendy Huynh
Science and STEM Teacher at Hoxton Park High School
Discovery Case Studies

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Lynn Erkens
Executive Director, Innovation, Enterprise and Engagement

Lynn Erkens brings a global perspective, and six years of experience at SSE, to her role as Executive Director, Innovation, Enterprise and Engagement.