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Discovery - SSE Innovation Program


A tailored innovation program for forward-thinking educators and businesses.

Discovery by SSE helps you gain a competitive edge in an ever-changing world.

Our blended innovation program is designed to help you, your students and your teams develop sought after skills in creativity, design thinking and entrepreneurship. Participants learn and apply entrepreneurial skills to work through real-world problems and collaborate to ideate, innovate, pivot and scale solutions that can make an impact.

The program can be rapidly deployed to fit the needs of your organisation, helping you to upskill staff, enhance student learning or solve a real business problem.

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Discovery in action: Macquarie University Bachelor of Arts students

As part of Macquarie University’s reimagined Bachelor of Arts, the SSE Discovery program embeds entrepreneurship skills into the curriculum for both first-year and third-year capstone students, as a fully online virtual experience.

The program is helping Macquarie University's BA students gain valuable employability skills, startup experience and foster pathways towards igniting or growing their own small businesses. It’s all part of helping Macquarie University Arts students transform their passion into a career and acquiring the transferrable and technical skills they need for success in today’s and tomorrow’s workplaces.

Here's what they have to say:


Discovery is an opportunity for students to utilise the tools and techniques entrepreneurs use to:

  • Identify a problem area to investigate
  • Ideate to create new products and services
  • Build a feasible business model around a new idea
  • Solve a real-world problem
  • Pitch and present a new idea

Students will finish the program empowered to think differently, create and innovate in whatever field they choose.

Discovery Learning Roadmap Final

The teaching team

The teaching and design team comprises a diverse and experienced range of educators, entrepreneurs, and SSE alumni, supporting student success and impactful outcomes.

The teaching team also includes:

Entrepreneur Facilitators  
Daniel Smith
Innovation Program Lead at Sydney School of Entrepreneurship
Sophie Musumeci
Founder of Real Entrepreneur Women

James Alexander
Co-founder of Galileo Ventures

Tyler Thurston
Co-founder of Smith and Thurston Inc

Mandi Gunsberger
Founder of Babyology

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SSE Discovery Prospectus



The delivery of Discovery ensures a seamless experience for students, both from a platform perspective and in terms of the learning journey during the Bachelor of Arts.

Working with their team, we were able to provide the online experience within their learning environment with online content designed to help guide students through each step of the way. This includes video content, downloadable resources and instructions, presentations and more.

Discovery LMS portal

learning platform

Students personalise the experience by reflecting on problem areas specific to their lives, whether they be topical (e.g. climate change) or related to their specific major (e.g. truth in journalism). The Discovery experience, a key focus for students over four weeks in Semester, is designed to strongly complement the rest of the capstone unit’s focus on industry engagement and employability skills development.

Note: in response to COVID-19, all the content is being delivered online for 2020.

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