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Startup Success


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Startup Success is a series of six microcredentials that directly address the following skill gaps; developing products/services, establishing the business, accessing/growing customers, accessing capital, accessing the appropriate talent, and regulatory barriers.

The format of delivery is flexible in methods of delivery and provides students with the opportunity to develop a customisable learning journey based on their own identified skills gaps and areas of interest. Startup Success runs over a 6-week period (20 learning hours in total). See a detailed program structure below.




Program Structure and Learning Outcomes

Startup Success consists of six individual microcredentials and runs over a 6-week period (20 learning hours in total):

  • Microcredential 1: Small Business Startup (2 learning hours)
  • Microcredential 2: Test Your Business Idea (3 learning hours)
  • Microcredential 3: Structuring Your Small Business Startup (4 learning hours)
  • Microcredential 4: Building a Customer Base (4 learning hours)
  • Microcredential 5: Finance and Funding (4 learning hours)
  • Microcredential 6: Present Your Small Business Startup (3 learning hours)

Participants may complete all six microcredentials or select the individual microcredential/s with most relevancy to their current startup stage. The flexibility to choose short, achievable, and relevant learning typically achieves higher engagement levels than traditional course formats.

Two of the six microcredentials are delivered as live 3-hour workshops featuring industry mentors who provide individualised mentoring, consultation and feedback. The remaining four microcredentials are held online, once a week with a one-hour live kick-off introducing the online, self-paced learning activities to complete for that module. All workshop sessions would be planned for an early evening timeslot to minimise disruption to work hours and will be recorded to be accessible for all participants.



The first Microcredential is online, with a live 1hr all-in 'Meet and Greet' followed by an overview of the program. Participants are introduced to the online learning program and the introduction to Module 1, which focuses on the entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial process and the ecosystem within Sydney and Greater Western Sydney. Participants then work self-paced to complete the module and are invited to complete an optional digital internship experience with a current Sydney startup.

Learning Outcome

  • Develop an understanding of the entrepreneurial process and mindset, and awareness of the ecosystems in Sydney and Greater Western Sydney



The second Microcredential is held as an interactive face-to-face workshop enabling peer-to-peer connection and community building. 'Rapid Test Your Business' addresses the concept of identifying a problem for which a business solution (product/service) is created and allows participants to rapid test their business idea to identify barriers to growth. Guest industry mentors work with participants to refine and/or adjust the business idea.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore and identify the business problem the startup is solving
  • Gain insights from industry experts and evaluate feedback on their startup idea to improve, refine or redefine business goals



For the third Microcredential, participants are able to use their refined business idea and begin the process of developing the business by creating a minimal viable product (MVP) and structuring a business plan, based on the Lean Canvas model. Through 'Structuring Your Startup', participants are led through the steps of setting up their business. Any problem areas identified are addressed through additional 1:1 mentoring sessions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review the basics of setting up a business and determine a 'minimum viable product'
  • Produce a lean canvas business model for a business idea



The fourth microcredential in this series caters to those participants looking to find and grow their customer base. Using their minimal viable product (MVP), participants address the marketing stage of commercialisation and explore and identify marketing strategies suitable for their business. Promotion and networking are also addressed in this module to demonstrate ways to find connections, confidence and to expand horizons.

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate and develop a marketing plan and apply a marketing strategy suitable to the participant's startup
  • Determine and utilise networking opportunities to expand business prospects



The fifth microcredential explores the financial stage of business development. In this module, participants are supported in reviewing (or creating) their costing structures to determine the capital required. Startup costs are explored, with a focus on possible funding models for startups such as grants, loans, crowdfunding and angel investment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of startup finances and investigate funding models



The final microcredential in the series is a live workshop allowing participants to reconnect and reflect on their progress throughout the program. During 'Steps to Success', participants learn about pitching and prepare, practice, and present their own business pitch to an expert panel for feedback. A review of the topics covered across the six modules is presented by way of a final checklist for success. During this workshop, participants are provided the opportunity to ask final questions and seek advice from the industry mentors as well as a reflection.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compose and present a professional pitch to sell a business idea to investors


Youth Accelerator digital badge

Program Completion 

Upon completing each of the assessed microcredentials, participants receive an authorised digital SSE badge issued by Credly. The badge can be shared via their social media profiles (SSE recommends LinkedIn). Aligned with the National Microcredentials Framework (NMF), SSE microcredential badges are a certification of an assessed learning module that is outcome-based, driven by industry need, tailored to support lifelong learning, and transparent and accessible. Verifiable micro-skills are embedded into the digital badge as part of its meta-data and are accessible to employers seeking candidates with the relevant skills. 





We'd love to talk to you about becoming a partner with us. Get in touch with our Executive Director, Innovation, Enterprise and Engagement, Lynn Erkens, to discuss the program that is right for you. 

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Lynn Erkens

We'd love to talk to you about becoming a partner with us. Get in touch with our Executive Director, Innovation, Enterprise and Engagement, Lynn Erkens to discuss the program that is right for you. View LinkedIn profile

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