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SSE reaches first year milestone


Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE) has reached its first year of operations driving next-generation Australian entrepreneurship.

“Reaching the first year is an important milestone for any new venture,” said Nick Kaye, CEO of Sydney School of Entrepreneurship.

In a highly dynamic and impactful first year:

  • SSE welcomed 4,000 participants, including academic faculty, student entrepreneurs, startups, industry partners, government representatives and community.
  • SSE hosted more than 100 activities at its Ultimo campus and at member campuses across NSW.
  • 2,000 student entrepreneurs from diverse locations and disciplines participated in learning activities, including a Speaker Series,  Global Series, Masterclasses and International Bootcamps.

1st Birthday SSE

August’s Speaker Series, Reaching the First Year, landed on SSE’s first birthday – a welcome excuse for cake.

“The collaboration between all 11 NSW member universities and TAFE NSW is undergoing an exciting curriculum development, rolling out new units of study at the cutting edge of entrepreneurship education in our second year,” said Nick Kaye.

“We’re proud that opportunity at SSE is open to student entrepreneurs from metropolitan and regional areas – at least 30% have come from locations outside Sydney.

“We equip our graduates with a global entrepreneurial mindset and high impact skills, connecting them to a growing network of local and global partners.

“The measure of success in years ahead will be those student entrepreneurs who go on to start high growth companies and create new jobs,” said Nick Kaye.

sse timeline

SSE’s journey to reach the first year milestone was captured in a vibrant timeline wall. Thank you to everyone who shared SSE’s journey.

Media contact: Susie Gemmell, +61 435 862 444