What are you looking for? Celebrating National Skills Week 2023

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What are you looking for? Celebrating National Skills Week 2023

What are you looking for? Celebrating National Skills Week 2023

Now in its thirteenth year, National Skills Week (21-27 August, 2023) is dedicated to highlighting the benefits and raising the profile of practical and vocational training, a pursuit close to the heart of everything we do at the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE). 

When SSE was established by the NSW State Government in 2016, it was founded on the bedrock of an unprecedented collaboration between the 11 NSW universities and TAFE NSW; a collaboration that emphasised the equal value and vital necessity that both systems play in our communities. 

SSE’s work today builds on these foundational years to deliver skills programs that are relevant, rewarding, and recognised, and our suite of microcredential short courses help learners from diverse backgrounds to shape their own pathways to success and self-determination. 

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education are powerful catalysts for change, and entrepreneurial skills are transferable and applicable in every context – from the classroom or workplace, to the farmyard, shipyard, or vineyard, the corner shop, a coffee shop, business enterprise, government department, and the football field. 

Critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, communication, adaptability, resilience, self-awareness and self-management, and financial literacy, are a few of the many skills our learners practically and collaboratively learn and apply.   

The theme for National Skills Week 2023 is What are you looking for? It is a theme that highlights the many options and benefits of pursuing skills-based training and education, which is designed to meet learners where they are: needing flexibility or seeking work/life balance; exploring fresh career pathways or professional mobility; a passion for more sustainable work, new technologies, or service to their community; seeking more self-directed employment opportunities; or just not knowing what they are looking for. 

Many of our learners are motivated by these sentiments. Lilly, a recent graduate of our Invest in Yourself: Exploring Money & Self Employment program, said of her experience “Now I now have a greater and deeper understanding about what job I would like in the future…[Invest in Yourself has] given me a future plan.” 

“I've learned a lot about myself,” she reflected. “A lot of students worry about their future, so this [experience] has been a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and learn some important life skills that I can take with me into the future…that it's okay to get out there and make a difference!” 

While vocational education and training is often associated with traditional apprenticeship or traineeships, it can take many other forms including education and training in fields spanning accounting, retail, hospitality, technology, and the arts, and offer credentials ranging from microcredentials (like those aligned with our Digital Internship Programs) to diplomas and advanced diplomas, some of which include pathways to university. 

With nine out of ten future jobs predicted to require vocational skills, practical and vocational learning enables all Australians to explore opportunities, see their potential, and feel empowered to contribute to and thrive in tomorrow’s economy. 

You may not know what you are looking for, but building your repertoire of skills and being a lifelong learner is guaranteed to open a world of opportunities.