SSE Case Study: Marley Palin, Macquarie University

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SSE Case Study: Marley Palin, Macquarie University

SSE Case Study: Marley Palin, Macquarie University

Marley Palin, a passionate advocate against domestic violence, was looking for proactive solutions to one of Australia’s most prolific social issues. When she started looking more closely, the Macquarie University business student found that services were siloed. While many of them were doing great work, she says, they weren’t linked with other providers within NSW and nationally.

“My personality is wired so that when I face a problem I create a solution to fix it,” Marley says. “I decided to establish an online directory and aggregate the information, to make these services more accessible to other survivors and also help them connect with each other.”

This motived her to join the 2017 cohort of The Navigator. She was quickly inspired by her fellow participants.

“I got to meet students with similar entrepreneurial personalities from UNSW Sydney, from University of New England and other universities, and cross-pollinate ideas.”

The SSE alumni group continues to support each other and have their own online community.

Soon after her SSE experience, Marley created a social enterprise, Glue & You.

In February 2018, it won ‘Sydney Women’s Startup Weekend Hackathon’ sponsored by Google. And then in March, Marley and her team travelled to Paris to participate in the International TechStars showcase. Marley hopes to launch an interactive platform soon.

Marley also has another startup called Hatch – an e-billing platform for private hospitals, providing patients with one bill instead of several, along with an upfront estimate of the total cost. Marley formed Hatch with two other people she was paired with at a hackathon.

While she runs her startups and finishes her degree, Marley has also landed a flexible job at Coca Cola Amatil as their Innovation Co-ordinator, encouraging Australian employees to develop entrepreneurial solutions to real problems.

“I am loving working in a large corporation where we can spot a great idea that helps our business and then help it reach scale quickly,” she says.