'Now More Than Ever': a commitment to reconciliation

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'Now More Than Ever': a commitment to reconciliation

'Now More Than Ever': a commitment to reconciliation
'Now More Than Ever': a commitment to reconciliation

As we embark on National Reconciliation Week this year (27 May—3 June) the 2024 theme 'Now More Than Ever’ should remind us of the enduring struggle for justice and the rights of our First Nations peoples, Australia’s original place-makers, innovators, and storytellers.  

Throughout Australia's reconciliation journey, there have been moments that have tested our resolve. Though as an organisation we recognise that there are differing views and opinions on this matter and encourage respectful and inclusive debate as part of a national conversation, we believe that year’s referendum to establish a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution is a prime example.  

However, it is during just such times of division that a loss of resolve is not an option and a commitment to fostering connection, respect, and meaningful action becomes even more important. 

Now more than ever, we are called upon to confront the unfinished business of reconciliation, to acknowledge the past, and to forge a path towards a more equitable future, and a commitment to better outcomes for Australia’s First Nations peoples.  

A journey not a destination 

Core to SSE’s mission to build a nationwide culture of entrepreneurialism and shared prosperity, is a deep recognition and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their diverse knowledge systems.  

Our values of Excellence, Equity, Innovation, Diversity, and Collaboration acknowledge Aboriginal peoples as the custodians, carers, and traditional owners of the lands and waters of Australia. They define who we are and what we inspire in each other, and represent a commitment to each other, our learners, partners, and communities, locally and globally; and they are lived and embedded in our practice, philosophy, and engagement. 

This commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion extends to our educational programs, too, where we strive to empower diverse communities, including First Nations learners. Through the power of entrepreneurship, we seek to cultivate economic and cultural empowerment, nurturing self-determination and prosperity within our communities. 

Entrepreneurship as a pathway to reconciliation 

Entrepreneurship has the potential to serve as a powerful pathway to reconciliation, and equitable access to entrepreneurial education, across educational sectors and diverse communities, has the potential to transform Australia’s economy.  
So, for us at SSE, being able to collaborate and partner with Indigenous organisations, educators, and cultural mentors to deliver culturally-sensitive and -tailored entrepreneurial education to Indigenous learners, in-place, becomes an invaluable resource towards a more equitable, conciliatory future Australia. 

As we commemorate National Reconciliation Week 2024, we reaffirm our commitment to reconciliation. Now more than ever, we need connection, respect, and action.