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SSE members prototype new 2018-19 curriculum


SSE embraced the hackathon concept and hosted leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation from all 12 member institutions at SSE’s Ultimo campus to co-create a new education and training portfolio.

The collaboration broke new ground with the rapid prototyping of four new units made up of 16 modules. Each module can be led by a different member.

A key infographic created during the EduHack workshop (below) graphically represents the four new units – Ideation, Execution, Business Models, Innovation & Growth – made up of 16 modules.

eduhack team

It is envisaged that student entrepreneurs could earn micro-credentials for each module, or fulfil several modules towards an accredited unit.

In doing so, SSE is exploring new territory where student entrepreneurs can optimise their own experience and create personalised learning journeys.

Led by SSE’s new Education and Training Director, Jonathan Jones, the result was a day of tremendous energy and ideation with a clear path ahead.

“It was fantastic to welcome such a diverse group representing all SSE member institutions to our campus,” said Jonathan Jones.

As SSE fully harnesses this emerging collective strength, the co-creation will deliver a truly outstanding curriculum for SSE’s student entrepreneurs.