Ukraine: statement of support

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Ukraine: statement of support

Ukraine: statement of support

I am deeply saddened by the continuing invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces. The military attacks are severely affecting Ukrainians at all levels of society, and with broad and horrific ramifications for Europe and the world. While Ukraine bears the brunt of these inexcusable attacks, we also acknowledge that many ordinary Russians are campaigning against this unjust war, and are being impacted by their Government’s decisions and actions.

The SSE community is one of global reach, and we are proud to acknowledge the Ukraine citizens who are already part of our SSE ecosystem. We offer our unconditional support to the Ukrainian people and send earnest hopes for a peaceful and swift resolution.

It is times like these that global networks bond together to offer support. I encourage everyone to treat all members of our community with respect and kindness, and we extend our continued thoughts to those with family or loved ones affected by these condemned actions.


Dr Sarah Jones, Chief Executive Officer and the SSE Team