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SSE welcomes Kansai University students for prototyping workshop


Kansai University Students

SSE welcomed students from the Kansai University of International Studies to our campus on 7 March to learn about prototyping and validation. These students are part of a program led by Western Sydney University Launchpad that promotes and delivers WSU’s Venture Makers program to students from universities around the world, including Japan, Canada, UK, India and Australia. 

Through WSU’s Venture Markers program, students learn about entrepreneurship and explore the start-up ecosystem in Australia through project-based learning, teaching sessions, and cultural visits.   

We were proud to host the students for a special prototyping workshop, covering planning, sketching, and challenges, highlighting the importance of imperfection and consulting others when ideating and prototyping new concepts. 

Students working on a challenge

Students completing a 5-minute timed challenge to build the tallest tower using only 2 pieces of cardboard, scissors, and masking tape. 

Students working on thumbnail sketches.Students working on thumbnail sketches.