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SSE Case Study: Rose Lewis, Western Sydney University


Rose Lewis 2

I was inspired. It improved my own confidence 100 percent, and made me feel I could contribute something too.


Student entrepreneur Rose Lewis says networking with a diverse group of students from 11 universities and TAFE NSW as part of The Navigator unit transformed her mindset.

“I realised the different values that everyone could bring to the table,” she says. “I met many other driven students who had done incredible things but had humble attitudes to their achievements.”

Rose loved the way the unit was taught through an engaging online platform and that she was familiar with the other student entrepreneurs before even meeting them in person.

“It was very interactive,” she says. “We’d chat and comment online. From the beginning, there was a real human connection.”

When the 50 student entrepreneurs eventually attended the face-to-face intensives at the SSE campus, many of them were already good friends. An ecosystem scavenger hunt and other small group activities made sure everyone got to know each other.

When Rose returned back to Western Sydney University, her outlook had changed.

“SSE taught me that there were limitless ways to get the most out of university. I realised that my involvement in campus life could bring me into a world of new perspectives, possibilities and opportunities to do something more.”

On campus, she got involved in the WSU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society, started teaching English to refugees, and in the summer break, got an internship with UNICEF, writing country reports for the State of the World’s Children. She’s also been on two international exchanges to China and South Africa.

Rose now wants to become a lawyer with a conscience and is currently building her experience to pursue her passion for human rights.