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Fast Five with Lucas Hakewill


Lucas Hakewill has a wealth of experience in entrepreneurial education and joined the SSE team as our Growth Program Lead. In his role, he’ll be delivering impactful education programs for students and our partners, starting with our 2020 short courses in Semester 2.

We sat down with Lucas to unearth his unexpected connection to the SSE offices and discover what drives his work in the startup space.

Why do you love working in the world of entrepreneurship?

My first foray into entrepreneurship was as a musician. I played in bands, wrote songs and did a bunch of recording. I found it really challenging, and the experience gave me an inkling of the flair and discipline that goes into a great venture.

I see entrepreneurship as a creative endeavour. You create, test, and shape something completely new; and if you play your cards right, someone might actually give you money for it! I am excited by the process of creating new things, and supporting others through that process is something I really enjoy.

I know you have a special connection to the SSE office building. Would you care to explain?

My close friends know that I really like shoes. In fact, I was so interested in shoes that I studied shoemaking at TAFE NSW and worked as a bespoke shoemaker while I completed my university degree.

Building J used to be home to the TAFE School of Footwear, and all of my classes were taught in the room that is now Parquetry Hall. That space used to be filled with machinery, noise, and the noxious smell of glue. It’s a strange kind of homecoming to be working in the same building!

Lucas Hakewill Square

The best way to know if you’re on the right path is to get feedback on your work early and often.

Lucas Hakewill

What’s your favourite part of working at SSE so far?

There’s so much diversity of experience on the SSE team, which means I feel constantly challenged by new perspectives.

Do you have a motto that you live by?

A professional motto would be “test and learn”. This is something I’ve learned from working with startups—the best way to know if you’re on the right path is to get feedback on your work early and often.

Tell us something you’ve found yourself doing recently that you normally wouldn’t

The other day, I baked a rosemary and orange olive oil cake. It has to be the first time I had baked anything in about a decade, and it was delicious!

Bonus round – let’s play a quick game of Either/Or

    • Cook at home or get delivery?
      If I have time, always cook! 
    • Music or podcasts?
      Music! My favourite recent song is “Pick Me” by Wafia. Hers was the last gig I went to before COVID so there are some memories there.
    • Early mornings or late nights?
      I’m slowly converting myself into more of a morning person
    • Cats or dogs? 

      Cats 🐈

Thanks for your time Lucas!