Pitch Perfect: empowering future quantum leaders

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Pitch Perfect: empowering future quantum leaders

Pitch Perfect: empowering future quantum leaders
Pitch Perfect: empowering future quantum leaders

On 28 September 2023, SSE delivered Pitch Perfect, a unique and impactful development masterclass, to a select group of PhD students keen to understand and develop their skills in pitching a project or business idea to potential stakeholder and commercialising their research. 

More than just an educational session, Pitch Perfect was a gathering, generously hosted by the Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA), of some of the most promising young minds across the University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, University of Technology, Sydney, and Macquarie University. 

Recognising the crucial need for effective communication and presentation skills among researchers, SQA Project and Administration Officer Rose Graham engaged SSE to help tailor and deliver a program that would not only enhance these abilities but also help these ambitious young scholars effectively commercialise their quantum research. 

The two-hour workshop walked participants through examining and understanding the nuances of creating compelling commercial pitches that could inspire different audiences and, importantly, create impact through storytelling. 

“It was such a privilege to be part of this vibrant night!” reflected SSE’s Educational Design Manager Cherie Karlsson. “With over 40 quantum PhD students in attendance, it was a wonderful experience to be surrounded by their amazing young minds as they tackled the complexities of storytelling, learning (and honing!) the art and craft of presenting their scientific concepts through engaging and memorable pitch presentations.” 

As with all SSE programs, the outcomes of this masterclass extend beyond the immediate skills gained. SSE’s commitment to delivering work-relevant training continues to build Australia's future knowledge and skills economy. 

By challenging and breaking down barriers to employment and providing engaging, skills-focused learning pathways, SSE is playing a critical role in shaping the next generation of innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs. 

As the event concluded, the air buzzed not just with newfound knowledge but with the anticipation of these young scholars applying their skills. Of post-workshop survey responses, 97% felt Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied with their experience of the program, and over 94% identified that they were Likely or Extremely Likely to be able to apply the skills they gained from the program in their future studies or career pathway. 

In all, the evening was a testament to both the students’ potential but also to the power and benefits of collaborative partnerships, this time between Sydney Quantum Academy and Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, as we set the stage for these future leaders to make an impact in the world of quantum technology and beyond.