Fast 5 with Marketing Specialist Todd Puumalainen

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Fast 5 with Marketing Specialist Todd Puumalainen

Fast 5 with Marketing Specialist Todd Puumalainen

How did you hear about SSE? What attracted you to the Marketing Specialist role?
I heard about SSE during its inception in 2016 when I worked for TAFE NSW as part of the Industry and Partnership team. I attended the launch event and thought that it would be a great place to work. So, when a position became available and I was ready to make a change, I applied.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received, personally or professionally?
Really look at your strengths and become self-aware of what you do well. Capitalise on those strengths and improve on your weaknesses along the way. Focusing on what you are not so good at and don’t enjoy doing is naturally an obstacle, so the barrier between yourself and success can literally be you.  

How do you stay motivated?
Podcasts, motivational movies and quotes. However, having a great team with energy is always a bonus.

Improving the world’s standard of living through education. I have been in education and training for the last 10 years and love how education can transform an individual and ultimately a community. 

What do you think are the most needed skills and capabilities at the moment?
Data analysis or interpreting data, communication, leadership and emotional intelligence. The most important one would be emotional intelligence.

What do you do to unwind after a long day?
Either ordering takeout or going out to eat, watching a movie and having a nice cocktail.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
Super Strength! I’m a fan of The Hulk.  

Bonus round: Either/or .

  • Beach or Mountain Escape? Beach
  • Music or Podcasts? Music all the way
  • Early Mornings or Late Nights? Late nights - I don’t normally function until around 12pm.
  • Cats or Dogs? Dogs
  • Solo or Team Sports? Team. I’m a massive basketball fan.
  • Big or Small Gathering? Small
  • Summer or Winter? Winter
  • Horror or Comedy Movie? Comedy
  • Walk Slow or Walk Fast? Slow. We need to slow down and enjoy every moment we can.
  • Rice or Noodles? Rice
  • Reading the book or Seeing the movie? Seeing the movie
  • Writing or Typing?  Writing it down is more personal and I learn better by writing it down and typing is everything these days.

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