Fast 5 with Client Support Officer, Wendy Chin

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Fast 5 with Client Support Officer, Wendy Chin

Fast 5 with Client Support Officer, Wendy Chin

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received, personally or professionally?

I am fortunate to have received and read plenty of amazing advice. But one that sticks is actually a question my (then) soon to be boyfriend (now husband!) asked me, which is ‘What would you do if you were not afraid?’

This question is a constant reminder to be open to new challenges, that change is inevitable, to be adaptable, and that trying something different can lead to wonderful outcomes. This question came from the wonderful ‘oldie but a goodie’ Who moved my cheese? by Spencer Johnson.

What do you do to set yourself up for the day ahead?

Ideally, I like to drink the perfect cup of coffee at one of my favourite cafes (I have different options for each day to spread the love) and take the time to set my mindset for the day while enjoying it. 

Sometimes I will read a chapter of a book or listen to a podcast as I drink my coffee to help in setting my mindset, to remind myself that there is a bigger world out there than just mine.

What do you do to unwind after a long day?

I hang out with my family…my hubby, my son, and my dog. They always have a ready hug, smiles, and jokes to restore me. And if I can see my favourite friends for dinner or a drink, this is truly restorative also!

What do you love most about your job, and why?

The people and the purpose. I genuinely enjoy working with the team as they are open, engaged and full of ideas, and motivated to bring entrepreneurial education specifically to underserved communities and, more broadly, to all. They are always working on how to uplift, encourage and celebrate each other, and that is something to love!

If you could learn any skill instantly, what would it be?

How to make French pastries – a croissant, éclair, pain au raisin (without the raisins) – would be a dream come true!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

I would love the superpower of humour! To be able to make people laugh to lighten their day just for a moment, to distract them from their stress and the heavy weight of all that is happening in life and around the world, would be such a genuine joy.  

What’s the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I have been lucky to have had a few interesting jobs over my NFP career but the most interesting was working for an eyecare charity where I was able to combine helping the underserved and with the opportunity to travel across Australia and the globe!

What’s on your skills-building agenda for 2024?

I would like to build on my project management, networking and relationship building, communication and digital skills. I am motivated to elevate my skills to not only complement my current role, but to have a mindset of growth to meet the next challenge as I develop in my career.

Are there any desktop or mobile applications you can’t live without?

Yes, three! 

Apple Pay: I don’t carry a wallet (or a bag if I don’t have to), so I normally just have my phone when I am out and about. 
Spotify: I love Spotify for all my music and podcasts
Google Maps: not only does this give me directions but I always use it to find out what yummy or fun places are around me. I find lots of gems this way no matter where I go.

Bonus round!
•    Music or podcasts? Neck and neck on this one but I do love a good podcast! 
•    Early mornings or late nights? Late nights! So much more fun
•    Cats or dogs? Dogs! My dog is a beautiful Greyhound name Sweetie
•    Solo or team sports? Solo
•    Big or small gathering? Small
•    Summer or winter? Summer
•    Horror or comedy movie? Comedy!
•    Walk slow or walk fast? Both depending on the purpose of the walk
•    Go-to comfort food? Congee – warms the belly and always makes me feel better
•    Reading the book or seeing the movie? Reading the book    
•    Favourite adventure/holiday destination? Can I only choose one? Hawaii or Vanuatu…anywhere I can float in the beautiful, blue ocean!