Fast 5 with Marketing Intern, Mridula Tirumala

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Fast 5 with Marketing Intern, Mridula Tirumala

Fast 5 with Marketing Intern, Mridula Tirumala
Fast 5 with Marketing Intern, Mridula Tirumala

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received, personally or professionally?
“Most people are too occupied with their own lives to worry about what you are doing. Be unique and go for it!” 

What do you do to set yourself up for the day ahead? 
I love to prepare absolutely everything possible the night before to maximise my efficiency in the mornings. There’s nothing worse than being half-asleep and trying to organise yourself.

What made you decide to pursue an internship? Any hot tips for uni students considering taking on an internship?
I wanted to pursue an internship so that I could apply what I learnt in an educational setting and create a tangible impact. It's very rewarding to see your skills and work garner results. 

A tip I would give to uni students looking for internships is to venture beyond your predetermined goals and try new things. You never know what you will end up being passionate about! 

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
If I could have a superpower, it would be to make the day longer or shorter based on my will. Sometimes there’s not enough time in the world and sometimes there is too much!

Are there any desktop or mobile applications you can’t live without?
I can’t live without social media. I love to be updated on my friends’ lives and keep up to date with the world. 

Bonus round:  

•    Music or podcasts? Music 
•    Early mornings or late nights? Nocturnal owl wishing I could be a morning bird 
•    Cats or dogs? Dogs
•    Solo or team sports? Team
•    Big or small gathering? Big 
•    Summer or winter? Winter 
•    Horror or comedy movie? Comedy 
•    Walk slow or walk fast? Slow and leisurely 
•    Go-to comfort food? Mac and cheese 
•    Reading the book or seeing the movie?  Seeing the movie 
•    Favourite adventure/holiday destination? Anywhere tropical